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The Globe Theatre (Shakespeare's Globe) London

Ref: SC1599

The original Globe theatre opened in 1599 and for fourteen years, it was one of the most successful theatres the world had ever known. Among the many new plays performed at the original Globe were Shakespeare's Hamlet, Othello, Twelfth Night, King Lear and Macbeth.
The first Globe theatre burnt down in 1613. The thatch was accidently set alight during a performance of All Is True (Henry VIII) but no one was hurt and the audience and actors got out safely.

The modern Shakespeare's Globe is a recreation of the first Globe Theatre, the one Shakespeare himself would have known. At all stages of building, the reconstruction was based on a thorough study of all available evidence, not only about the Globe, but about other Elizabethan theatres, and Elizabethan buildings in general. Where the evidence was inconclusive, the team made a judgment as to what was most likely, not what was certain.

Shakespeare's Globe performs a season of plays from April until October each year. The engaging and informative Exhibition explores the life of Shakespeare, the London where he lived, and the theatre for which he wrote. A fascinating guided tour inside the theatre reveals the story of its reconstruction and gives an exciting insight into how the 'wooden O' works today as an imaginative and experimental theatrical space.
Over 100,000 people of all ages and nationalities, from pre-school to postgraduates, participate in Globe Education's year-round programme of public events, workshops and courses.